Question about IPTV4KUHD


What are the payment options?

If I have passed the money, how do you know that I am without registration?

Are there any special events?

Is the service legal?

Do you need to manually update lists or does it work automatically?

Can you mix lists too? eg German and English channels?

When I advertise to customers who order, I got something from it?


Answers :


what payment options are available?
- Paypal

if I have transferred the money, how did you know I am without registration?
- When we got money , We register new subscription line for you , and we send it to your paypal email

there are special promotions?
- Yes , If you recommend us to your friends , We have free moths subscription lines for you ..

the service is legal?
- It is IPTV service ...

you have to update lists manually or it automatically goes?
- If you load ( m3u url ) to your app , It will get automaticly updates , But if you load ( m3u list ) it will not get automaticly , you will need more times loading ... So better using m3u url ..

you can also mix lists? for example, German and English channels?
- Yes , sure .. We can edit your list everytime ... We can add more country channels or we can erase some country channels from your list ....

if I refer customers who order, I have something like this?


i have issues with portal loading in mag250 - i am using the latest firmware but when the portal starts loading it freezes and reboots - sometimes it does load but mostly not able to. I have other services that load fine - can you please help